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Parents to our Chocolate Goldendoodle puppies!



Reese McDoodles

Reese is an F1 Goldendoodle.  She was born chocolate and has faded some but is still a rich chocolate color.  Reese has an excellent temperament.  She's full of personality and loves to kick her paws up with the big dogs. She loves everyone she meets and they feel the same about her. Reese weighs 42 pounds. The pictures below were taken 7/1/2011


Moss Creek's Hazel-Nut-Coca-Puff

We couldn't decide on just one name for Hazel so she has 4!  It's amazing how we never call her just Hazel.  It's always Hazel Nut Coco Puff!  :)  She's a very sweet Goldendoodle.  She's calm, laid back and loves to have her belly scratched. I never have to look for Hazel, she's always at my feet.  She has the most amazing eyes!  They're a Hazel color sometimes and green other times.  She's a doll.  She's a stocky 40 pounds.  She has a gorgeous fleece coat. 

Moss Creek's Sophie and Solomon (below)

Sophie and Solomon are RARE Chocolate and white AKC Registered "Parti" Poodles.  Their markings are adorable!  They're not only drop dead gorgeous, they have amazing temperaments and are very clown like - eager to make you happy poodles.  Parti means 2 colors but we say they think everyday should be a Party.  :)  I picked Sophie and Soloman for their temperament and build.  They have short nose, blocky heads and a stocky body - not too tall. Sophie weighs 45 pounds and Solomon weighs 51 pounds.  Moss Creek has a look to their doodles because I'm so picky with my Poodles - their look and temperament.  Sophie and Soloman are everything I could have hoped for and more.   

 The beautiful Sophie (below) showing off her "sit"

Sohpie "down"....all the way!  :) (below)

Meet the new stud in town - Solomon! (below)



Solomon & Sophie (below) remember I said "clown like" :)


Jack - (below) the brown doodle is a Hazel puppy.

Coco on the right is his sister!

Maya (below) is from Sophie and Bentley.  She's a black and white parti F1B Goldendoodle!




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