McDoodles Boot Camp - Eight Week Program

Price $5,200.00

Program Goal

After puppies have completed this program they will arrive home with a firm grasp on all learned skills.

Our customers have found their puppies to be very easy to manage and continuance of skills learned is effortless enabling the pups to fit into a family with ease.

Who Should Attend

This training program is optimum for families desiring a more polished training experience. This program is ideal for puppies that are being trained for therapy dogs.

With this great foundation and continued training, your puppy should pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test at one year of age with no problems. The key is keeping up with training, socialization and continued education to further their skills.

McDoodles Boot Camp

Program Description

Our eight week Boot Camp program includes everything in the four and six week programs as well as continued training benefits and socialization.

Potty Training Mastered:

Puppies enrolled in the eight week program will be in the mastering phase of the potty training process. They have a very good understanding of manners and what is expected of them. They will require attention to continue the potty training in your home. You will be reinforcing all the manners, boundaries, commands and rules we have been working on with them daily but they are more trustworthy and going out a lot less than weeks prior. Please keep in mind that it is not possible for a puppy to be 100% reliably house-trained until the puppy has matured which is usually between the ages of six to eight months. By following the schedule we send home, with our 8-week program, you can expect very few if any accidents once the initial transition period of three to five days has passed. There is a bonding and trust phase the puppies go through. You accomplish this by spending time with your puppy, doing commands, walking them, taking them with you, playing with them, etc. Once the bond is established, the puppy will do anything for you.

Commands mastered:

Puppies in our 8 week program know their sit, down, stay, shake, roll over and coming to their name commands. Their stay is much longer and focus is longer now so we are putting distance in our sit stay and requiring more time before releasing with the "okay" command. They are sitting at the door waiting for "okay" to come in before you. They know to sit for the leash, before you put their food down, before you open the crate, etc. They rarely chew on anything that doesn't belong to them but can sometimes forget so you'll still be supervising.

Canine Good Citizen

In the 8 week Boot Camp program, the puppies have learned everything needed to pass their Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Therapy Dog exam at a year old. Your responsibility is to continue training for the entire first year. Reinforcing everything that we have taught, practicing commands, sit/stays, leash walking, socializing, continued education with a certified trainer is key for the first year to reach this goal.

Teaching words mastered:

Puppies in our 8 week program know "Good", "Off", "Okay", "Att Att" and "Leave It". Our trainers are constantly raising the bar with this program. You're guaranteed more commands that they will share with you once the puppy has mastered them. They are also very open to any special needs you have or want to teach your puppy. And no, we haven't been able to teach them to pour us a glass of wine yet. ;)

Boot Camp Update Photos
Boot Camp Update Photos
Boot Camp Update Photos

The Puppy's Developmental Stage



The puppy has been in the home now for a few weeks. He has been watching you and the family very closely. He is picking up on human behaviors and reactions. He is learning the pecking order of the pack. As he observes and learns, he will then attempt to figure out where exactly he stands in the pack order, and to also see if moving up in the pack will work. After all, he knows who the "weak links" are and will start at the bottom and try to move right up the pack. How could such a cute little pup be such a brat?


  • The puppy will begin to question authority.
  • The puppy will attempt to move himself up in the pack order.
  • The puppy will try to dominate.
  • The puppy will grab leashes.
  • The puppy will try to determine what activities are going to be done and when.
  • The puppy may growl.
  • The puppy may put his mouth on you.
  • The puppy can often become over-excited.

What Boot Camp does during this process:

  • Avoid any aggressive play like tug or wrestling.
  • Stay conscious of what of what our actions and body language are communicating to the puppy.
  • Stop all activity and play if the puppy growls or mouths us.
  • Supervise the puppy's interaction with children to make sure that he sees them as members of the family rather than littermates.
  • Ensure that everyone who is interacting with the puppy is consistent with rules and boundaries so that the puppy knows that testing them is fruitless.
  • Continue reinforcing the puppy for making good decisions so that he will be more likely to choose to follow the rules.
  • Use this stage to build the puppy's confidence in his routine and reward him for following the groundwork that we have laid for him.
Moss Creek Goldendoodle Training Camp for Puppies

Program Details

  • Your puppy will receive around the clock, 24 hours / 7 days a week, care while in our Boot Camp program.
  • At 8 weeks old when your puppy goes to boot camp, he/she will receive its first months heartworm preventative and flea control. We will document this date on your puppy's shot record.
  • Your puppies 12 week heartworm preventative and flea control will be given. Documented on your shot record.
  • At 11 weeks your puppy will receive age appropriate vaccinations and fecal test. Documented on your shot record.
  • At 14 weeks your puppy will receive age appropriate vaccinations and fecal test. Documented on your shot record.
  • Your puppy will receive the 16 week heartworm preventative and flea control. Documented on your shot record.
  • Your puppy will live in the home of your assigned trainer.
  • Your puppy will be past the initial adjustment period of being away from the litter.
  • Your puppy will be on a schedule of eating, drinking, and going potty to make house training much easier. You will receive a copy of this schedule before your puppy comes home.
  • Your puppy will be introduced to bell training and taught to ring their poochie bells to alert you they need to go out to potty.
  • Your Puppy will be crate trained. Meaning in most cases, your puppy can hold his/her potty and remain quiet overnight and for a few hours during the day.
  • Your puppy will know these key teaching words "GOOD", "OFF", "OKAY" "ATT ATT" and "LEAVE IT" to aid in communication.
  • Problems such as jumping up, mouthing (puppy nipping), chewing and off will be worked on and usually pretty well under control at the end of the two weeks.
  • Your puppy will be familiar with taking treats and following commands.
  • Your puppy will be used to wearing a collar and leash. Many new puppy owners don't realize how important this is in the training process, and how it does not come natural to a puppy. It must be taught before the puppy can progress in his/her training.
  • Your puppy will be introduced to, and be comfortable with, the training obedience commands of knowing his name, "SIT", "DOWN" "STAY", "ROLL OVER and "COME". Much longer stays and following of commands with 6 week stay.
  • Your puppy will walk into his crate willingly for a treat when you tell him to "go to bed."
  • Your puppy will be asked to sit and wait before exiting his crate. We are working on his ability to wait for a longer duration, while the door is open.
  • Your puppy will be asked to sit and wait while we prepare his food and set his bowls on the floor. We are developing his ability to wait for longer periods of time.
  • Your puppy will be asked to sit and wait while we attach his leash. We sometimes intentionally take a longer period of time so that his patience grows.
  • Your puppy will be transitioned from their litter to living with family.
  • Your puppy will be conditioned to be patient for basic grooming and maintenance. We give weekly baths, at least twice a week brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth brushing.
  • Your puppy will receive socialization throughout the day with children and other household pets.
  • In the 4 and 6 week programs your puppy will be taught to swim, weather permitting.
  • Your puppy will be introduced to and socialized with cats.

Communicating with your Trainer

  • The day your puppy goes to boot camp, you will receive "I made it to boot camp" pictures.
  • 1st week you will receive pictures and a progress report from your trainer.
  • 2nd week you will receive a video and a progress report from your trainer.
  • 3rd week you will receive pictures of your puppy and a progress report.
  • 4th week - you will receive a video and progress report.
  • 5th week - you will receive pictures and a progress report.
  • 6th week - you will receive a video and progress report.
  • 7th week - you will receive pictures and a progress report.
  • 8th week - Before your puppy comes home, you will receive a video of your trainer and puppy showing off all of the commands learned in boot camp, riding in a car, walking on leash, socializing, etc. This video is something you can refer back to for training tips all throughout puppyhood.
  • Unlimited access to your trainer for any questions that you may have.
  • Moss Creek's Deluxe Boot Camp puppy go home bag. It includes the famous Moss Creek Goldendoodle canvas bag, nice collar and leash, extra toys, bento ball, 2 highly rated puppy books we recommend, Firm-up, hollow sterilized bone or antler, bag of food, blanket that smells like your puppies Mom, Poop bag container with bags, NuVet Vitamins, etc.