Boot Camp for Moss Creek Goldendoodle Puppies

McDoodles Boot Camp for Puppies is the original puppy training program. The first of its kind, our puppy course was developed years ago to enable families to experience the joy of bringing a puppy into their home even if they don't have the time or desire to commit to the intensive task of early puppyhood training.

We have successfully trained many Moss Creek Goldendoodle puppies for individuals and families all over the United States and overseas.

Our Boot Camp has been called the best early puppyhood training program by our satisfied customers, many of whom look to our services again with either a second doodle or by referring friends.

What makes our program superior to those who've copied our concept is our focus on individualized attention. We don't mass-train large numbers of puppies in assembly-like fashion, but concentrate instead on the quality of training.

Your puppy receives the kind of one-on-one training necessary to identify areas that need correction and redirection as well as solidifying learned skills.

Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles Goldendoodle Puppies at Boot Camp by Moss Creek Goldendoodles

Unique Training for Family Environment

Our program was uniquely designed to help your puppy transition from its mom and littermates to a family environment. This includes showing your puppy where it's appropriate to potty, how to alert you when they need to potty, how to remain calm and play independently without constant attention. The puppy learns what acceptable interaction with people and their belongings are, and is put on a daily schedule to create structure and manageability. This early puppyhood training is very important in setting the tone for what is expected of the puppy. If this training is not done, the puppy quickly becomes out of control and difficult to live with. All of this training is done by integrating your puppy into our family where each member, children included is involved in the training, especially when it comes to manners. Depending on the training session you choose, your puppy will come home with full working knowledge of basic and intermediate commands such as "sit, down, wait, go out, go potty, no bite, off, leave it, okay, let's go" and so on. Other skills such as leash walking are also mastered.

Customized for Families with Children

If you have young children in your home, we will pay special attention to socializing the pup with our kids and neighborhood children. Above and beyond the usual activities, our children will hand feed your puppy, handle it during meal times, help with grooming, and leash walking. The puppy will learn to take commands from children, play without biting or jumping, and see them as being above them in the pack. Our kids are very assertive and consistent when interacting with the puppies. You will need to continue this with your children when the puppy comes home.

We offer many different programs to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. Boot Camp fees are $600/week with a two week minimum. Consider your goals, family needs, and the time and energy you are willing to commit to your new addition when reserving your puppy's training stay.

Moss Creek Goldendoodle Training Camp for Puppies

Two Week Stay:

Walking the puppies at Boot Camp

For those that are looking forward to working with their new puppy but want a little help getting started, the two week training session is for you.

This is our basic course and skills learned include getting your puppy accustomed to a daily crating routine that matches your schedule, potty training, introduction to loose leash walking, basic manners such as waiting patiently for meals, sitting for attention, learning not to jump or bark rudely, and the commands "no bite, leave it, and off" are introduced and enforced.

Puppies are still very much a baby at this age and will require a great deal of attention from you to continue their learning.

Four Week Stay:

For those individuals that work outside of the house all day or busy families, especially with young children, this training program is the minimum recommendation.

Puppies that have been through four weeks of training are calmer and have learned a great deal more patience.

All of the items listed in the two week course have been well learned including some additional higher level skills.

More socialization opportunities are provided to create a well rounded experience for your puppy such as swimming lessons and short outings around town.

The four week stay is our most popular training package and works well for the majority of families that want a good solid start to their puppy's training.

Six and Eight Week Stays:

This training program is optimum for families desiring a more polished training experience.

After puppies have completed this program they will arrive home with a firm grasp on all learned skills.

Our customers have found their puppies to be very easy to manage and continuance of skills learned is effortless enabling the pups to fit into a family with ease.

Walking the puppies at Boot Camp

Weekly Updates

Boot Camp Update Photos

All families will receive weekly updates informing them of what their puppy has been learning, also included are pictures and/or video of your puppy.

During the last week of your puppy's training session, we will send you an Instruction Sheet detailing all we have been working on with your puppy as well as a listing of all commands.

A step by step daily schedule will also be provided to guide you through the day with your new family member and of course we are always available to assist you with any questions as they arise long after your puppy comes home. Call or email us anytime!


Due to popular demand we now offer on a limited basis, boarding for Boot Camp Alumni. If your travel or vacation plans don't include your Doodle we'll be happy to care for them while you're away. Instead of being locked in a kennel all day and learning to bark, your Doodle will be in a familiar home environment where all training and manners will be reinforced. Cost for boarding is $50/day and reservations should be made in advance to ensure availability.

McDoodles Boot Camp is an exclusive service offered to Moss Creek Goldendoodle owners only. If you would like to reserve space for your puppy in our program, please indicate this on the puppy application form or during your phone interview with Kelli. Once your puppy has been born, you will be referred to our training consultant.

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